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Integrative Medicine in Pittsburgh & Erie PA

Follow-up Visit

Build upon your initial visit and much more.



Wellness of the Mind, Body and Spirit provides you with a healthy, holistic foundation and approach to life.

Call for details: (814) 923-4025  or  (724) 740-4572 


Read this prior to filling out your paperwork. 

Wellness Consultation

This appointment is the start of your journey with Dr. Mainier.

Low Energy?           Brain Fog?           Gut Problems?         Weight Gain?

  • Do you feel as if your complaints are not fully addressed in a rushed 15-minute doctor visit?
  • Are you tired of being prescribed more and more expensive, side-effect-laden medications with minimal improvement?
  • Dr. Mainier, a board-certified physician, takes the time to listen to your​ story, providing an individualized approach to becoming healthy.


"I believe that people are more than a "diagnosis". I treat the whole person, body, mind and soul.

"The failure of our medical system to recognize a "dysfunctional process" rather than "disease" as a cause symptoms, is why medicine is rarely successful in correcting the body's own healing ability."