Discussed in office after completion of Intake and Comprehensive Consult. 

Confirmation Fee

One-time Phone Consultation (10 min)



Initial  Wellness Consultation: Initial Visit and First Follow-Up Visit

Dr. Mainier travels between the Erie and Pittsburgh offices.  There limited appointment hours at each location. Since Dr. Mainier will be traveling to make this appointment, our guidelines ask that a $75 confirmation fee is paid up front to hold your appointment.  This fee will be deducted from your first appointment cost.  Canceled  or rescheduled appointments will result in no refund and no application of fee to next visit, unless cancelled 48 hours in advance..

Call for details: (814) 923-4025  or  (724) 740-4572 

The Initial  Consult is the beginning of the journey to wellness. 

Yearly Membership Program                                Available after Initial Visit

Other Options

A One-Time 10 minute* phone consultation with our Intake Consultant or Dr. Mainier is free of charge. This consultation does not require an appointment and is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions. 

*Phone consultations running longer than 10 minutes will incur a $45 fee. 

Initial Visit: 

  • Tell your story. What is your primary concern?
  • Face-to-Face meeting with Dr. Mainier telling your  “story”.
  • May include relative physical exam.
  • Review of client concerns. This may include ordering further studies, labs or testing.
  • You will be given a questionnaire to be completed before next visit. 

Initial Follow-Up Visit:

  • This next face to face meeting with Dr. Mainier will serve to review studies, notes, communications from other providers, and any other client record request. 
  • At this appointment, you will receive your initial individualized 'Summary of Recommendations' prepared just for you! You  may also receive hand-outs, literature and other references that pertain to your issue.